Pulling a superfractor is still pretty cool.  I have pulled a handful of plates the last few days, but this is the first superfractor in my 10 case break.  🙂

Yu Darvish 2012 Bowman Superfractor auto

Topps tweeted this picture of the Yu Darvish Superfractor auto today – how cool is that?

Yu Darvish 2012 Bowman Chrome Superfractor autograph

I think it is cool that Yu is holding that card so carefully – I don’t want it bent when I pull it out of my 8 cases of 2012 Bowman Jumbo!  haha

Fortunately this should not be a value box pull – Topps usually uses Allen & Ginter in the second value box of the year.

So, besides the Darvish, what superfractor autos are you hoping for?  Or that will sell for the most?  Do you think Yoenis Cespedes will have an auto in Bowman or wiull they hold that for chrome… or even draft?

Hope you like the picture!

Sorry for the corny title (not really).  I have been having a hell of a time getting my computer problems fixed.  Finally got Dell to send me 2 more ram sticks… in the meantime I got so frustrated that I bought a completely new pc.  Haha.

So, I have a nice quick update video for you that includes a few really cool superfractors – and ONLY superfractors this time.  The non-auto Matt Moore superfractor is in here as well as the Matt Vogel USA super auto mentioned in my last post.

I do have a new 10 case Bowman Draft break (5 cases 2010 and 5 cases 2011) that is currently being drafted as we speak – so I do hope to have a few nice updates of my own to announce next week.  No, this is not a pitch to get you to join – all 548 spots filled very quickly.

Anyway, I digress, here is the update video:

Saw this in a thread on Blowout Cards.  Joey Peapod hit the Matt Vogel USA Superfractor auto and Todd Frazier red paper 1/1 in one spectacular case of 2011 Bowman Draft!

Holy Grail: The 2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Superfractor has been pulled!

Just saw this update on twitter, very cool information and I am so jealous.  Can you imagine the scene at this sports card store?  Haha

I just wish I had pulled the Bryce Harper Superfractor myself though.  Now, how much will the Harper Superfractor sell for on eBay?

Two days worth of NEW superfractors and canaries on eBay right now!

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eBay Superfractor and Canary Report March 7th

There are some great superfractors, canaries, and autographed printing plates NEW on eBay today.  Some really awesome cards.  🙂

Welcome to the Pulled SuperFractors List Website

Dustin Ackley SuperfractorHow many times have you wondered if a certain superfractor has been pulled or not?  I know that I have wondered this time and time again.

Well, although no list could ever truly be exhaustive, my friend Ooosh has begun compiling all known pulled superfractors into an enormous list.

We have also broken this list up by year and product.

I hope that you will find this resource to be benificial to you and that you will use it regularly – also I hope that you will help us to track new superfractors pulled and/or posted on eBay (and other selling sites).