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Adam Conley – P

Drafted: 2nd round, #72 overall in the 2011 MLB draft

Team: Miami Marlins

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Birth Date: May 24, 1990


Adam Conley is a strong SP prospect.  A 2012 All-Star in the minors. He has a great K rate with 135 strikeouts in 127 innings.  Normally pitchers are not great prospects to invest in, but that old adage goes out the window when you can throw strikes.

Adam is closer to the majors than his 2011 draft may indicate as he was drafted out of college.

Most importantly, Adam is a scrapper.  See the video below.

Current Cards on the Market:

2011 Donruss Extra Edition
2011 Prime Cuts
2012 Topps Heritage Minor League

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If you REALLY want to know more about this prospect, Adam’s wife has a really corny blog (in a good way): Know Better Love (told you it was corny)