Hey guys!

I’m Ooosh, and I am relatively new to card collecting. Growing up in Toronto, a city known for over-zealous hockey fans supporting a team that doesn’t win, I have struggled to find other baseball lovers.

As the 2011 baseball season began to wind down, I was left thinking about how much free time I’d have on my hands with no more games to watch. Unlike any sane person who would want to diversify their interests, I began trying to find ways that would help me get more involved in the sport that I love the most.

Over the past couple of months I feel like I have opened Pandora’s box. There’s Topps, and Leaf and Panini. And then there is Bowman, Platinum, Finest, Chrome, Sterling, Metal, Valiant, Extra Elite Edition, Contenders. I remember feeling pretty overwhelmed when when I first started collecting — and I won’t lie, I still do. That said, after really figuring out what I wanted to collect, things started falling into place.

My first goal was to collect cards that make up JP Arencibia’s 2011 Topps Chrome autographed rainbow. WIth help with from the card collecting community (particularly the Blowout forums) and online auctions, I was able to put it together relatively quickly.

Can you see what is missing? The superfractor!

This website is meant to track superfractors that have been pulled from collectors’ favourite products. Starting with 2011, we are beginning to fill in the gaps by searching online forums, eBay and YouTube. While it is impossible to know every card that has been pulled, I hope that you will find this website helpful. You are also invited to post any superfractor-related information you have to help us improve our checklists.

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