Superfractors are awesome.  If you have ever pulled a super, you know the feeling!  You see that shiny border and your thoughts immediately go to Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg or Eric Hosmer (or even Evan Longoria?).  Well, I know that feeling.josh bell superfractor auto 2012 bowman

I also know the feeling of wondering what superfractors are still available when I am about to bust a case (or 10)… or wondering if I will ever find that super for my rainbow.

So, this website was created for YOU!  Here you will find the 2011 Superfractor lists by product:

2012 Bowman Chrome Superfractor List

2012 Finest Baseball Superfractor List

2012 Bowman Superfractor List

2012 Tribute 1/1 List

2012 Topps Tier One Bat Knob List

2011 Bowman Superfractor List

2011 Bowman Chrome Superfractor List

2011 Bowman Draft Superfractor List

2011 Topps Chrome Superfractor List

2011 Topps Finest Superfractor & Canary List

2010 Bowman Draft Superfractor List

Please help us keep these lists as accurate as possible by posting comments on the correct pages of any Superfractors, canaries, or red 1/1’s that we may be missing.